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Complete elimination of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) presents a challenge due to latent viral reservoirs within the body that can help re-establish infection. In a paper publishing this week in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, researchers propose a mathematical model that investigates the effects …

Most people who have been unfaithful do not believe it when their partner says they forgive them. And the fact that men often do not realize that emotional infidelity is a problem just feeds the conflict. …read more Source: EurekAlert

University of California San Diego researchers have developed the first 3-D spatial visualization tool for mapping ‘omics’ data onto whole organs. The tool helps researchers and clinicians understand the effects of chemicals, such as microbial metabolites and medications, on a diseased organ in the context …

Desirable properties including increased electrical conductivity, improved mechanical properties, or magnetism for memory storage or information processing may be possible because of a theoretical method to control grain boundaries in two-dimensional materials, according to Penn State materials scientists. …read more Source: EurekAlert

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