N.J.’s best hot dog joint: Can a lowly cart take down the big dogs?

It’s the final round of our epic N.J.’s best hot dog showdown, which means we’re down to our 10 finalists, selected from our 50 semifinalists.

Our 10 finalists come in all shapes and sizes – Jersey hot dog landmarks and brash newcomers; dirty water, Texas weiner/chili dog and Italian hot dog places; roadhouses, hot dog trucks and carts, and hole-in-the-wall hangouts.

This is the second of three trip reports in this round. The stops are listed in the order visited; they are not ranked. For the final round, I am joined by a crew of guest judges, whose opinions will be taken into consideration in our search for N.J.’s best hot dog joint. I alone will make the final decision, though I am for the most part keeping my opinions out of the trip reports in this round.

Speaking of which, on Tuesday, Aug. 7, we will walk, unannounced, through the door of the winning hot dog joint. You can watch it live on NJ.com.

Don’t forget, you can also vote for the Readers’ Choice winner.

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