Here are the inmates serving a life sentence in New Jersey (and some are eligible for parole)

Out of the thousands of inmates serving sentences in New Jersey state prisons at any time, most will spend about six years of their lives behind bars.
But a handful of current offenders — 63 of the state’s 19,453 inmates — were sentenced to life, and will likely never be set free, according to the Department of Correction’s 2018 statistics. 
Inmates from 15 of New Jersey’s counties are currently serving life sentences, the majority of which will never be eligible for parole, although a few are.
Bergen, Cape May, Hunterdon, Salem, Sussex and Warren counties don’t currently have any inmates serving a life sentence, and the state has no women on the list either.
Most men are serving life sentences for violent offenses like murder or aggravated assault, but New Jersey’s three-strike’s law, which mandates stricter punishments for offenders with prior convictions for certain violent offenses, means some are serving the rest of their life on charges like theft or robbery.
Editor’s Note: The data in this story was provided by the N.J. Department of Corrections

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