Paterson police raid North 3rd Street house, seize more than $1,800 bags of heroin

Police raided a house on North 3rd Street seizing 1,842 glassines of heroin and a handgun, police director Jerry Speziale said on Friday morning.

Two occupants — Efrain Suarez, 48, and Ashlee Gonzales, 27 — of 56 North 3rd Street were arrested on 13 drug charges, said the director. He said 24 baggies of crack-cocaine and 3 hollow point bullets were seized in the raid on Wednesday at about 2:15 p.m.

Police confiscated the defaced .25 caliber Bauer handgun. Suarez, known on the street as “Mulato” had $960 in suspected drug money that …read more

Source: Paterson Times

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