10-year-old transgender N.J. girl: 'I feel way more happier now that I know who I am'

VERNON — Rebekah Bruesehoff hasn’t always been comfortable in her own skin.

Around the age of 7, she talked about not wanting to be alive, her mother, Jamie Bruesehoff, said.

“She didn’t enjoy anything, she had anxiety, was really distressed and depression came with that,” Jamie said. “She just kind of lost the light in her.”

It wasn’t until after Rebekah hit a crisis point that her family became aware of the reason for the distress — her gender. She’d been born a boy, but in her heart, she knew she was a girl.

Two years after her transition, Rebekah says much has changed. 

“I feel way …read more

Source: NJ.com Sussex

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