A N.J. pizza made with 2 dozen tacos is blowing up the food world

Two dozen meat-stuffed tacos, a lake of guacamole and sour cream, house-made queso, regular cheese, thick pizza crust.

It’s a 30-pound pizza called the Taco Pizza, and it’s the rage right now at Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken and Atlantic City.

It’s no surprise Tony Boloney’s would be responsible for what Eater calls the craziest pizza in America. Tony Boloney’s, winner of a statewide cheesesteak showdown on the Munchmobile two years ago, has always bent if not shattered the rules when it comes to pizza, subs and cheesesteaks.

Blame the taco pizza on a crowd of stoners. ”These kids came in high as …read more

Source: NJ.com Atlantic

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