A Year Later, U.S. Campaign Against ISIS Garners Support

Continued Public Support for U.S. Military Action Against ISIS

July 22, 2015

Just 30% Say U.S. Military Effort Is Going Well

Survey Report

Nearly a year after the United States launched its first airstrikes against ISIS, the public remains broadly supportive of the military campaign. Yet Americans also have persistent doubts about how well the U.S. military effort is going, and there is no agreement about whether the U.S. should deploy ground troops as part of the military campaign in Iraq and Syria.

The latest national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted July 14-20 among 2,002 adults, finds:

Consistent Support for U.S. Military Action. About six-in-ten Americans (63%) approve of the U.S. military …read more

Source: Pew Research

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