Overdose victim in Clark Target parking lot revived by police with Narcan

The victim, a 35-year-old male, was lying face down on the ground barely breathing with a very faint pulse and turning blue about the face, police said.

Officer Acabou administered one dose of Narcan per protocol, and the victim regained consciousness, police said.

Police said Acabou and Shackleton then performed artificial respiration using a bag valve mask until the victim began to breathe on his own and his color improved. The victim was subsequently transported to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Rahway for continued treatment.

“I commend all of the officers involved in this incident for their efforts as well as the caller who reported it,” said Clark Chief Alan Scherb.

CLARK — Clark Police have made another save of an overdose victim using Narcan nasal spray.

According to police, officers made the save on Thursday, marking the third time this year Clark officers have used the spray to safe a life. Narcan spray was distributed by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office to all county police departments in June. Officers made the second save just weeks ago.

Police said Sgt. Kevin Shackleton, Det. Walter Merfert and Officers Miguel Acabou and Sergio D’Andrea responded to the parking lot of the Target department store at 1:44 p.m. Thursday on a report of an …read more

Source: NJ.com Union

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