Keeping Riverview Beach Park memories alive, Pennsville gears up for 37th annual Septemberfest

Septemberfest Parade Marshal CCH_8741.jpg

PENNSVILLE TWP. — For Eleanor Peak Zane, Pennsville’s Riverview Park holds dear memories over the years, many that she is happy to share at this year’s Septemberfest.

“This park was a great place when I was a kid,” said Zane, reflecting on her teen years. “It really was a wonderful place to grow up.”

Like many others raised in Pennsville, Zane remembers Riverview Beach Park as once holding amusement rides, water slides, a pool, skating rink and other attractions until it was closed in 1967.

But what began as a one-time bicentennial event in the park in 1976 …read more

Source: Salem

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